AmpaMist Approved Sanitizer

ORGANICFRESH® Sanitizer is a S4L-Technology based Sanitizer consisting of a carefully formulated compound consisting of unique S4L-Technology flavonoids and extracts with extensively researched sanitary, health, environmentally friendly and food safety benefits, manufactured through CERES certified organic compliant processes.


Independently tested to the following standards:
• EN1276:2011
• SANS 1853:2009
• SANS 51650:2011
• SANS 51276:2011

• All public, private, commercial areas
• Private, Commercial and Public transport
• Ports of Entry and Exit
• Airplanes
• Schools
• Indoor and Outdoor infrastructure
• Retail and Wholesale department stores
• Industrial Zones and Buildings
• Shopping Malls
• All places of Work, Play and Events
• Safe for people, for pets, for food areas
• Not listed ... inquire with us
* Lasts up to 8 Hours after application

Flavonoids against Viruses
There are many studies on Flavonoid activity on a wide range of DNA and RNA viruses. In general, flavonoids work by several mechanisms. Pathogens and other non-cellular micro-organisms can survive for short periods on surface areas due to a variety of support systems. They can block attachment and entry of viruses into cells, interfere with various stages of viral replication processes or translation and polyprotein processing to prevent the release of the viruses to infect other cells.

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Click here to download the Presentation - Flavanoids as Antiviral Agents.

ORGANICFRESH® shelf life 24 months in a closed container, stored at below 30°C.

Further Technical Information available on request.
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