AMPAMIST was established due to the urgent need to reduce and kill bacterial as well as the COVID-19 virus spreading among humans. The list of viruses and spreading of illnesses that these units can prevent is astonishing. An invention like this is so important to our health and environment. The key to offer a professional and effective product is the combination of a misting system, an extraordinary and safe sanitiser solution, enabling you to sanitise your entire self!

* TUNNEL UNIT (3m & 2m)
* CUBICLES (1 & 2 door solution)
* THERMAL MONITORING EQUIPMENT (mounted or hand held)

Prevention through Sanitation
The global COVID-19 epidemic is real and affecting the world on a massive scale- some might say earth is closed for repairs, BUT we say just “Sanitise Your Entire SELF!!”

At AMPAMIST we offer a comprehensive sanitation solution to decrease infection rates in your workplace. We have developed portable and mobile units which are suited for any type of business sector including commercial, industrial, educational, recreational and mining sectors. Virus rates are steadily increasing globally, protect your business and employees against the risks we face through sanitisation. From start to finish these systems are made in SOUTH AFRICA, including the structure, the side cladding, the pump system, energy supply. No ADDITIONAL tools needed to erect the unit.

Our Sanitation units are specially designed to control the ventilation inside the unit in order for the sanitiser to be distributed as required. Our units have a knock-in (or knock-together) design for easy assembly and are light weight. Each side of the structure is designed and pre-assembled with precision to allow the client to assemble with ease or to receive as assembled. A few knocks with a rubber mallet and a few screws to be tightened with an allen-key is the result of not only a good looking but as well as a stable and effective structure.

The AMPA MISTING SYSTEM can sanitise your entire workforce before, during and after business or focus on the high traffic areas. This system is self contained and has a low consumption usage of chemicals and energy, providing your business with a cost effective solution. Virus rates are steadily increasing globally, protect your business and employees against the risks we face through sanitisation.

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* These units are ideal for commercial, industrial and mining applications
* Maintenance contracts can be entered into
* 100% portable and mobile – simply KNOCK it together
* DIY (plug and play system)
* Energy supply 220V & 12V (automatic battery charge)
* Solar Panel compatible
* Only rubber mallet and allen key (provided) needed to erect the unit
* Made in South African, all components from start to finish
* 100% portable and mobile frame unit (light weight)
* No tools needed to erect the unit
* Low consumption usage
* Full body  and object coverage
* Cost effective solution
* Alternative motion or no-touch sensor solution


* 3m Sanitation Tunnel 3m(l) x 1.5m(w) x 2.3m(h)

* 2m Sanitation Tunnel 2m(l) x 1.5m(w) x 2.3m(h)

* 1m Sanitation Cubicle 1.1m(l) x 1.1m(w) x 2.3m(h)

* Trolley / Hand Sanitation Unit 1.25m(l) x 0.97m(w) x 1.55m(h)

* Hand and Trolley (Combo) Sanitation Unit
    0.5m(l) x 0.65m(w) x 1.42m(h) / 1.25m(l) x 0.97m(w) x 1.55m(h)

* Bag and Hand Unit 0.94m(l) x 0.70m(w) x 1.44m(w) 

* Hand Sanitation Unit ONLY 0.5m(l) x 0.65m(w) x 1.42m(h)

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The cladding and steel structure are pre-drilled for easy fitment by using push-in clips. We also offer the cladding as advertising space as these tunnels will been found all around the world and will have plenty of exposure. Our units were designed with the PORTABILITY and DIY aspect in mind and we are very proud to offer these new products to the market.

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The pump, battery, charger controller and inverter are secured inside a waterproof rugged plastic suitcase or built-in to the sanitation unit. The suitcase can be removed easily by just unplugging the solar wiring plug and the 2 x pipes. The piping containing the misters will be pre-fitted each section for easy connection once structure is assembled.

Included with 2-8 misters (depending on product) are stainless steel nozzles for durability and to create a super fine mist. The battery supplied can supply power for a estimated capacity of 4000 (2 x 60litre tanks) people passing through the tunnel without having to be charged, but due to the solar panel connected permanently, the power supply has no restrictions.

If you would prefer to use a permanent power source, the misting system is 220V and 12V compatible and therefore can be used with either power supply. When 220V is plugged in, the battery will automatically charge for those load shedding periods.

A motion or no-touch sensor will activate the pump, and a timer will be pre-set to allow 3 to 5 seconds per person to walk through the tunnel to eliminate any wasted of sanitiser.

Misting (also known as fogging) is the most effective and cost effective way to apply sanitiser to a human and objects. Due to the super fine mist created by the misting system it will cover a human or objects from top to bottom in less than 3 to 5 seconds depending on the unit. The amount of sanitiser applied can be controlled with the amount of nozzles used as well as by adjusting the duration intervals. The sanitiser applied amounts to as little as R0.03 – R 0.05 per person per application.

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